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US: +1 (607)-426-6267

Pakistan: +923310205150

Currently based in Karachi, Pakistan


Photojournalism helped me grow closer to my culture and heritage; it continues to encourage me to pursue stories that focus on what I personally hold dear. As a photojournalist, I’ve worked with refugees in Western New York and throughout the country and have been published in the NY Times. Most recently I produced a short documentary, It Will Be Like Magic, about a young Rohingya refugee in Chicago and his Rohingya community. His story represents what many Rohingya have experienced at the hands of the Burmese government and the the importance of community. This story is still developing and I intend to continue working with this community.

I am a South Asian Muslim. As such, I am personally invested in regions throughout the Muslim world, especially South Asia, reaching some form of stability. My goal is to document intimate narratives related to these regions, with long-term career goals centered on work as a documentary-conflict photojournalist balanced with being a freelance editorial portrait photographer. 

Editorial portraiture forms a large portion of my work, with environmental portraiture being the most rewarding. To me, portraiture is a conversation between myself and the subject rather than simply capturing a picture.

Certified in Tactical Emergency Casualty Care. (TCCC Certificate)