Portrait by: David Turner  Mustafa Hussain   607-426-6267    Currently based in Rochester, NY

Portrait by: David Turner

Mustafa Hussain


Currently based in Rochester, NY

Currently producing a documentary on a young Rohingya refugee living in Chicago. Please visit https://rccchicago.org for more information on the Rohingya people and their plight. If possible, please donate to the culture center to help this beautiful community. 

From a young age, the camera was a plane for me to look into the lives of others, often giving me access to communities I normally would not follow. Photojournalism helped me grow closer to my culture and heritage; it encouraged me to pursue stories that focus on what I personally hold dear. As a growing photojournalist, I’ve worked with refugees in Western New York and throughout the country. Currently, I am working on a documentary about a young teenage Rohingya refugee in Chicago and his Rohingya community. Their story represents what many Rohingya have experienced at the hands of the Burmese government. 

Portraiture forms a large portion of my work. Much of my portrait work is editorial, with environmental portraiture being the most rewarding. To me, portraiture is a conversation between myself and the subject rather than simply capturing a picture. My most recent portraiture project was capturing the official athlete portraits for the 2018 Special Olympics New York State Winter Games. I organized a team of around a dozen photographers and assistants to help with the demanding task of photographing hundreds of athletes. 

My innate curiosity for other people led me to study psychology at the University of Buffalo—I find it helps establish relationships with my subjects. I immerse myself into their stories. 

I run my own photography business—focusing on portraiture, lifestyle, and wedding photography. The past seven years with it gave me experience in financial responsibility, business ethics, and professional consultation.

I am a South Asian Muslim. As such, I am personally invested in regions throughout the Muslim world, especially South Asia, reaching some form of stability. My goal is to document narratives related to these regions, with long-term career goals centered on work as a documentary-conflict photojournalist balanced with being a freelance editorial portrait photographer.  

Currently training: EMT certification, Tactical Emergency/Combat Casualty Care certification, Krav Maga lvl .

Certified Krav Maga (lvl 3). Trained in disciplines such as Modern Arnis, Kali, MMA; covering advanced self-defense, knife/gun defense, and basics of 3rd party protection.