Mustafa Hussain

Portrait Photographer and Photojournalist


Currently in Chicago, working on a long term documentary on the growing Rohingya refugee community. Please visit for more information on the Rohingya people and their plight. If possible, please donate to the culture center to help this beautiful community. 

Photography is not just passion of mine, it is an obsession - an obsession with light and composition. My interest in photography was born out of necessity. From a young age, the camera was a key into other people’s lives as well as a shield from those I was different from. It has allowed to me to become accepted into social groups I normally would not be a part of. As growing photojournalist and portrait photographer, I shoot to capture the stories of my community and the essence of those individuals around me. 

From 2012-2016 I studied Psychology at SUNY Buffalo and was a staff photographer for the Student Association, covering club events, concerts, and occasionally sports. It is during this time my skills as a photojournalist started to develop and the realization that I wanted to make this into a career. The structured nature of my work at UB taught me to shoot under the pressure of a deadline. During my last two Spring semesters as SUNY Buffalo, I freelanced on behalf of the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC) covering two medical mission trips; one in Peru in May of 2015 and the other in Nicaragua in May of 2016. During the summer of 2015, I lived in Karachi, Pakistan for a little over a month and worked on documenting daily life during the holy month of Ramadan. I also travelled north to Azad Kashmir to capture the beauty of its landscape and people.

Studying photojournalism and advertising photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology has helped me improve in portraiture, lighting techniques, and visual story telling. (2016-2019)

For the past seven years, I have run my own photography business focused on portraiture, lifestyle, and wedding photography. Running a business has taught me financial responsibility, business ethics, and how to professionally interact with all sorts of clients.

I am a born Muslim and my roots are from South Asia. I am personally invested in seeing that regions throughout the Muslim world reach some form of stability. My current goal is to work as a conflict correspondent or with an NGO, balanced with being an editorial portrait photographer.