Currently based in Karachi, Pakistan   Resume   US: +1 (607)-426-6267  Pakistan: +923310205150

Currently based in Karachi, Pakistan


US: +1 (607)-426-6267

Pakistan: +923310205150

Photojournalism helped me grow closer to my culture and heritage; it continues to encourage me to pursue stories that focus on what I personally hold dear. As a photojournalist, I’ve worked with refugees in Western New York and throughout the country and have been published in the New York Times. Most recently, I produced a short documentary, It Will Be Like Magic, about a young Rohingya refugee in Chicago and his Rohingya community. His story represents what many Rohingya have experienced at the hands of the Burmese government and the importance of community.

I am a South Asian Muslim. As such, I am personally invested in regions throughout the Muslim world, especially South Asia. My goals are to document intimate narratives surrounding humanitarian crises, social issues, and progressive culture.

Additionally, portraiture forms a large portion of my work, with environmental portraits being the most rewarding. As such, I often use portraiture within my documentary work to help humanize those who share their stories.

Certified in Tactical Emergency Casualty Care. (TECC Certificate)

Some other stuff about me.
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I'm from Western NY. 
I enjoy archery, woodworking, hiking, cooking, and recently learned to ride a motorcycle. 
I am a US national and Pakistani national. 
I have two cats. Leo and Naala. Leo is hefty.